Our Philosophy

There is no correlation between being able to tune your guitar and play your guitar.  In fact, we know that when your guitar is in tune you will play it even more! How do we know this? We are guitar players, and before we bought the TunerMatic technology we bought a TunerMatic (fomerly StringMaster) for our own use!


One of the things we hear over and over from guitar teachers is that the number one reason new students get frustrated playing is the inability to tune their guitars.

A typical scenario is a new student has a lesson where the teacher tunes the guitar for the student...then gives a lesson.  When the student returns home the guitar is out of tune. 

Without an easy way of tuning, the student gets frustrated because playing a guitar out of tune makes the music you are playing sound bad...even though you may be playing the proper chords and style.

All Players...all ages....all skill levels!!!

Using the TunerMatic2 takes away the frustration of playing out of tune. As you know, even once you are in tune and start playing the guitar naturally goes out of tune.  Instead of "tweaking" the strings yourself and then putting them out of tune to each other....just place the TunerMatic2 back on and get them in perfect tune.  Keep playing...in tune...in pure satisfaction!

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